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Music Pack 3 has been released:

Music Remastery/ Manipulation

Enclosure Design

-Subwoofer Enclosure Design services are available.
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-Logo Design/ Photography: Soon to be updated.

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Currently my portfolio is under construction, updates will be made soon!

Introduction To DJ Slow N’ Throw Productions

      Hello, this is Blaine A. Perkins, I reside in Washington Court House, Ohio. A small town with nothing to it’s name other than the vast selection of fast food restaurants and the usual hang out for the “cool kids” being the Wal-Mart parking lot. This website will include but will not be limited to DJSNT Enclosure Designs, DJSNT Music Production/ Manipulation, DJSNT Photography/ Manipulation/ Logo Creation, and more to come in the future.I’m becoming more well known for my music work with Gary Killian, I respect all the work that is being put into his Ford Excursion, also known as “The X”, Music request form will be soon implemented into the site.
Blaine Perkins


  • I’ve tried muliple box designs over the years with so-so results. Decided one day to try DJSNT DESIGNS and give the kid a chance. Well I have to tell you that by far these designs are the best out there. A lot of attention to detail which makes for a slammin enclosure. All the way to the multi colored cut sheets and 3-D drawings to make assembly a breeze. He designed my new enclosure for 2-18s and made it fit in 3rd row of my jeep and it hits the low lows and hits higher notes with ease. Defiantly consider DJSNT DESIGNS for all your box designing needs.

    Don Richards A.K.A. dirtysouth32 -Virginia Beach, VA.


    Don Richards

  • I swear by anything DJSNT puts out. On a private scale I use his enclosures AND music in my own vehicle and its never hit harder. I can’t begin to tell you how satisfied I am with his services. On a professional level I’ve started a small audio equipment business where I sell anything you could need to install a new system in your vehicle and exclusively offer only enclosures designed by DJSNT. They sell faster than I can put them out. Everything from my vehicle window decals to the sign on the front of my store was also designed by DJSNT. It’s definitely a one stop shop for a multitude of services and again… (Continued [Click the right arrow.])

    Coty Cruse

  • (Continued) …I can’t begin to explain the level of satisfaction I have from working with this company. I highly recommend anything they produce to anyone looking to buy.

    Coty Cruse -Wilmington, OH.

  • Music Remastery/ Manipulation
  • Enclosure Design
  • Logo Design
  • Photography
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  • DJSNT Upload

Music Remastery/ Manipulation

DJSNT Music Pack 1

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DJSNT Music Pack 3

DJSNT Music Pack 4

DJSNT Music Pack 4 Part 2

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